IBL Indulgence Leading in the Biomass Sphere

1. Biomass Supply Chain:
IBL actively participates and leads in the Biomass Supply Chain, creating a seamless process from farmers through Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) to industries. The focus is on ensuring adequate eamings and profits for all stakeholders involved in the supply chain. This model not only supports sustainable energy generation but also promotes economic prosperity al various levels.

2. Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Projects:
IBLengages in Operation and Maintenance (O&M) projects for various systems, including boilers, Bio-GAS, Bio-CBG (Compressed Bio-Gas), Bio-CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), and more. In these projects, IBL takes responsibility for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the installed infrastructure. The off-take usually involves Process Steam, Gas. Energy, and is billed based on the rate of energy supply. This approach ensures the continued efficient functioning of bio-energy systems in industries.

3. Build, Own, Operate, and Transfer (BOOT) Model:
IBL adopts the Build, Own, Operate, and Transfer (BOOT) model, where the company installs and operates a project over a long-term contract, typically spanning 10 to 15 years or more. The model includes an Extension Clause built-in for flexibility. During the operational period, IBL manages the project and its outputs. The off-take is billed according to Energy Contract Rates, providing a structured and sustainable framework
for energy generation and delivery

4. Biomass Assessment Studies:
IBL conducts Biomass Assessment Studies on a commercial basis for major industries. These studies involve a detailed examination of biomass availability, consumption patterns, and potential locations. By offering these studies, IBL contributes to informed decision-making for industries looking to integrate biomass into their operations. The studies are conducted with a commitment to accuracy and thorough analysis, aiding industries in optimizing their biomass utilization, IBL’s engagement in these models showcases the company’s comprehensive approach to the Biomass Sphere. From ensuring a robust supply chain to actively participating in the operation and maintenance of bio-energy projects and providing valuable assessment studies, IBL continues to play a pivotal role in advancing sustainable and profitable biomass initiatives n Pakistan.