Industrial Biomass Private Limited (IBL) has emerged as a pioneering force in the realm of Biomass Supply Chain Management in Pakistan since its establishment in 2017. This Indigenous Pakistani enterprise has been dedicated to providing innovative bio-energy and biomass solutions to both farmers and industries, employing sustainable business models. While playing a vital role in elevating the entrepreneurial spirit of villagers, IBL has significantly Influenced the Biomass Sphere by actively contributing to policy-making, technological enhancements, and comprehensive Biomass Assessment Studies across Pakistan.

Focus Areas of IBL

  • Government & Industry Initiatives in Clean Energy
  • Adherence to Climate Change Agreement & Accords
  • Environmental Conservation & Pollution Reduction
  • Skill Development & Enterpreneurship in Villages
  • Job Creation in Rural Pakistan & Finantial Inclusion
  • Village Level Enterpreneur (VLE) Model
  • Competitive Offtake Models for Industries & Government Projects
  • Public-Private Partnerships and Joint Ventures
  • Contribution to ‘Green Pakistan’
  • Double Income for Farmers
  • Awareness about Carbon Neutrality & Biomass Benefits

Mutual Benefits of 'Strategic Partnership' with IBL

  • Sharing Vast Experience in Biomass Sphere
  • Bio-Energy Projects
  • Leveraging Vast Biomass Supply Chain
  • Complete Project Management
  • Hybrid Biomass Energy-Generation Projects
  • Energy Co-Generation Plants Operation
  • Enhanced Accuracy of Biomass Studies
  • Impetus to Global & Domestic Bio-Energy Projects
  • Achievements of Government Initiatives
  • Achievements

    We produce 100 tons steam per hour from Biomass Straw.
    We have the largest straw collection in Pakistan with highest number of straw collection centers in Pakistan. IBL’s journey goes beyond boiler manufacturing, encompassing various areas, including biomass fuel production, steam supply contracts, operation and maintenance ventures, and the innovative BOOT model. Achieving 100 tons per hour of steam generation through biomass in 2023 marks a remarkable achievement and highlights IBL’s continuous commitment to excellence and efficiency.

    History TimeLine


    IBL (Industrial Boilers Ltd.) ventured into the boiler field, initially focusing on maintenance and repairs.


    Attained a Boiler License from the Government of Pakistan.


    Pioneered the manufacturing of the first biomass boiler in Pakistan.


    Achieved a significant milestone by converting 100 boilers from fossil fuel to biomass.


    Established itself as one of the top boiler manufacturing firms in Pakistan.


    Expanded operations by becoming an importer and exporter of boilers.


    Incorporated IBL (Industrial Biornass Ltd.) specifically to cater to the growing demand for biomass fuel.


    Successfully established various production and biomass collection centers across Pakistan.


    Ventured into the Steam Supply Contract business, serving top-grade process industries.


    Initiated new ventures, focusing on boiler Operation and Maintenance (O&M) and the BOOT (Build, Own, Operate & Transfer) model.


    Achieved a significant milestone by implementing the first BOOT for boilers and co-generation plants.


    Crossed a milestone by achieving 100 tons per hour of steam generation through biomass, showcasing continuous growth and efficiency.


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